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The day my son was born I not only became a mother but also developed a deep love for my amazing body. After I settled into motherhood I had a strong desire to help women find the strength and beauty within their bodies. Over the past 3 years I’ve built a community of over 168,000 plus size women supporting one another before, during and after pregnancy.

As a writer and certified childbirth educator, I promote positive information to empower healthy decision-making during pregnancy. Within my blog, Plus Size Mommy Memoirs, I help women navigate the world of plus size pregnancy, share tips for embracing your body, and laugh along with the adventures of motherhood.

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Recent Blog Posts

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    How to Exercise without Leaving Your Living Room with Essentrics

    As a plus size woman who is on a journey to body love, I’m always interested in finding new ways to push my amazing body. I’ve recently started to learn how to run and completed my third 5K this past September. When my friend Jenny Bertrand started teaching Essentrics, I wondered what it was all about. When she informed me that it is an exercise for every body type that you can do in your pajamas, I was sold! I couldn’t wait to have Jenny share what Essentrics is all about with the PSMM community.  Isn’t Plus Size Birth inspiring? It has...
  2. plussizebirth

    Miscarriage: Life After Loss

    I was in 8th grade when my mother had her hysterectomy. I’ll never forget visiting her in the hospital with a room overlooking a busy freeway. Under a heavily medicated state she talked about how life just continues on. She said in the grand scheme of things that she was quite insignificant. It took me 20 years but following my miscarriage in 2012, I finally understood her morphine induced poetic words. For some, miscarriage is a difficult loss but not very impactful. For others it’s a devastating experience that leaves women broken. I landed somewhere in the middle. My miscarriage occurred just...
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    Catchin’ Babies is Normalizing Out-of-Hospital Birth!

    “I don’t deliver babies, I catch babies. The mother delivers the baby.” You can hop onto YouTube and watch countless natural birth videos but you’re only seeing part of the story. A wonderful new docu-series on YouTube from Gloria Camacho of Creative Bird Productions, aspires to tell the full story. Catchin’ Babies aims to normalize, not glamorize, out-of-hospital birth by showing all that goes into making it a safe and viable option. The women behind this project are striving to change how out-of-hospital childbirth is perceived by mainstream society. Plot: As a team (3 years and 3 of Andrea’s home births later) Joni & Andrea...
  4. plussizebirth

    How Much Respect Do Fat Women Deserve?

      Do fat women deserve as much respect as women who are not fat?  How much respect do fat women deserve? “It’s the story of my life as a fat person…. that my body is bad. That I’m not as worthy as those who aren’t overweight.” –Jen Stew in that for a minute and think about your answer, and how these questions make you feel.  If you’re offended that someone would even ask, that’s a healthy response. Now apply it to yourself.  As a plus size woman, do you believe you deserve respect? How much respect do you deserve? Think...
  5. plussizebirth

    All About That Bass Parody: I Just Need Some Space

    Just a few months ago I wrote the article All About That Bass: Body Love or Skinny Shaming? and unintentionally started a heated debate. There’s a clear division between those who love Meghan Trainor’s song, All About The Bass, and those who hate it. I side with those who adore shaking their booty to the song. So when Deva from MyLifeSuckers came out with her new parody video, I Just Need Some Space, I was excited to see it. Deva never disappoints! I felt like hidden cameras had been placed throughout my home and a song was written about my life in Mommy Land....
  6. plussizebirth

    The Milky Way Movie: A Documentary Everyone Should Watch

      In 2008 a documentary, The Business of Being Born, exposed the real business of birth. For the past 6 years it has been extremely influential, causing millions of women to question their options for childbirth and demand evidence based care. Now there’s a documentary, The Milky Way Movie, doing the same thing for breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is the most natural act between a mother and child and yet it’s very taboo. This new documentary not only empowers women but also reveals billion dollar industries working hard to shape a dangerous new normal for birth and breastfeeding. l l This is my interview with the...
  7. plussizebirth

    PCOS Birth Story of Hannah Rae

    September is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) awareness month. Today we’re sharing Laura’s beautiful PCOS birth story of her sweet Hannah Rae.    I am sharing my story because I found great comfort in reading the memoirs of other mommies who had delivered naturally, especially women considered plus-size.  I had several obstacles to overcome, but was able to deliver my healthy daughter completely naturally.  You CAN do it.  Our bodies were made for this.  Trust in yourself and you can do anything! Shortly after getting married, I was diagnosed with PCOS.  I consulted with the nurse practitioner I was seeing through an OB office, as well as...

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